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first aid

Injuries are part of everyday active life. Whether open or closed, superficial injuries are concerned - first aid treatment is always the most important step for healing.
Each tissue has its own, specific rhythm of healing (skin, connective tissue, muscle, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, bone). The right medical care at the appropriate time is the Alpha and Omega of the healing process.
Most commonly the wound healing is divided into three phases:
  • the inflammation phase (day 0-4) wound cleansing, bleeding stanching
  • the proliferation phase (day 2-14) building up of new tissue and wound contraction
  • the Remodeling phase (day 6-360) rebuilding of the new tissue
There are different effects of products for the medical care of injuries.
Here are the three most important differences:
  1. Suppressing the pain
  2. Irritating the tissue
  3. Suppressing the inflammation
In contrast to that the approach of the NAWA products is based on a purely physiological support of the metabolic processes. The NAWA products do not suppress the symptoms but they help the body to help itself. The NAWA products for acute and first aid support the healing process of the body in each individual wound healing phase physiologically wise and effectively. Thus we have proved in several scientific studies. All products are certified medical devices and the formulations are protected by patent law.
On the basis of the following diagram (figure) you can recognize the times to use the products.
The data are approx.-data and refer to the healing of skin and/or bruises or haematoma
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