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All developments and products of NAWA are based on the concept to effectively support the physiological processes of the body according to a physical principle.
Since 1990 NAWA is developing, producing and selling products, which as well accelerate the healing process after an injury as prevent (sport-) injuries.

With the use of the products by the world champion team of the German national soccer team at the soccer world championship in Italy 1990 NAWA obtained first success.
Since that time the products were applied by physiotherapists, (sport-) physicians, top-athletes of all kinds of sport, teams of the German soccer league and different national and international sport teams and established NAWA the reputation of an innovative and competent partner.

Being active, movement and sport are substantial pillars of our physical and mental well-being.

The NAWA-activity line:

• Aid with injuries,
• Support of the healing process
• Optimal for prevention and regeneration.
• Doping free
• Can be used for children

Sport relieves effectively everyday life´s stress, strengthens the immune system and is fun. But also each continuous movement, each sporty activity demands our musculoskeletal apparatus. Body, muscles, tendons and ligaments are strained, so injuries can not always be avoided.

Immediate first aid = improved healing

Here an optimal first aid is in demand, because it applies: The faster an injury is treated, the better is the progress of the healing process. It is just as important to prepare muscles, tendons and ligaments for strains and support their regeneration in order to prevent injuries. In these crucial points the NAWA activity products supports the body in a very effective and natural way.
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